Terms & Conditions

Last Updated - Oct 12, 2023

1. Creative Offerings

As a creative branding and design agency, we exist to breathe life into your brand. Our suite of services spans from conceptualizing brand identities to crafting immersive designs and experiences.

2. Collaboration Rules

Working with us means becoming part of a creative journey. We value open communication, and expect mutual respect and timely exchanges to keep our creative process smooth and efficient.

3. Intellectual Property

Our designs are customized to your brand, and upon your final payment, you own the rights to the designs we produce for you. However, we reserve the right to use any designs and final products for our promotional and portfolio purposes.

4. Financial Terms

Depending on your needs, we operate on a project basis or a retainer basis. Prompt payment upon receipt of invoices enables us to maintain a high level of service and ensures project timelines are met.

5. Design Execution

We strive for punctual delivery and exceeding your expectations. You'll have an agreed-upon number of revision rounds per project, and extra revisions may be subject to additional fees.

6. Quality and Responsibility

  1. We take pride in delivering quality work. While we work hard to ensure every design element is perfect, the final responsibility for the approval of all work lies with the client.
  2. Contract Termination If our creative journey together needs to end, either party can terminate the agreement with prior written notice. We'll bill you for any work completed up until the termination date.

7. Use of Software and Fonts

Our work may require the use of third-party software, platforms, or fonts. The client is responsible for covering the cost of any third-party assets used in the project. By working with us, you agree to their respective terms and conditions.

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