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As a creative and digital enthusiast, Dror Cohen's path began in his younger years, fueled by a passion for gaming and early digital innovations. This passion steered him towards Shenkar College of Engineering, Art, and Design, where he excelled in Visual Communication. Recognized for his outstanding work, Dror had the opportunity to work and teach with leading industry professionals.

If no one notices what you're saying, there's no point saying it. To stand out,barriers need to come down. Interest levels need to perk-up. Edgy always beats flat and boring. Creativity demands attention while conformity wastes resources. Sup?, I'm Dror Cohen, founder of the business. I'm a Creative Director & Designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel I have experience of working for start-ups and leading creative design and products in digital agencies and technology companies including Grey Group PayPal, Goolge, Cybereason, Novartis, Marshall, and more, I love anything slick, unique, and modern and I work with trusted creative partners on a project-by-project basis to deliver truly innovative solutions every time.

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